Celebrating womanhood, celebrating power.


There is a strong, empowered face of women at the workplace. Damsels in success are thinking outside of the box, and within it when needed, too. In every field they choose, no matter how big or small the task is, they are leading the way and the discourse around leadership, effectiveness and organization building

All of this is awesome. But also a whole lot of work. This women’s day, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, take a pause, take a break, and say thank you.


Juggling between work, family, and relationships- she is the Jack of all trades. Wanna help her relax?

Shield sistah

Saves you from the bullies of the world! Plus, the elders will always allow you to travel if you take her along.
Daredevil BFF
Eveready for an adventure. Take an adventure trip with her and you’ll come back with thrilling stories.

Grammy bear

Because Care Bears are superheroes too! And, who doesn’t love cookie treats while traveling?

Super wifey

She is her own knight in shining armor. But here’s your chance to tell her she keeps you wonderful.
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