Visiting Spain? 5 Things You Should Make a Note Of!

Spain is a popular holiday destination and was only second to France as the most visited country in 2007. And while Spain is famous for its nightlife with Barcelona and Madrid leading the way,  there are certain things worth making a note off before heading out on your holiday in Spain to ensure you’re well prepared and enjoy a smooth journey. So here’s what you should keep in mind –

“Cathedral and Archivo de Indias – Seville”. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons


Be Punctual - The Spaniards are very particular about time, so ensure you’re punctual irrespective of the situation.


Travel by Bus Or Train - Yeah, Spain does have Taxis, but the bus and train facilities are simply awesome & economical offering fabulous connectivity at the same time.


Meal times - Back in India, we’re used to having breakfast as early as 6am, followed by lunch at 1 and dinner at 10. It’s almost the opposite in Spain, where most of them are used to having breakfast at 10am, followed by a heavy lunch at 2 and dinner (Light Meal) between 9 to 10PM. It’s important to factor these timings as most restaurants close shut after dinner time.


The land of Bull fighting & more - We’re all aware of bull fighting in Spain, however, the Spanish bulls not only take to the fighting arena, but also take to the street chasing down people! We’re not kidding.


The ‘Running of the Bulls‘ festival that takes place each year from July 6th – 14th involves running in front of a dozen bulls that have been let loose, on a course of the town’s streets.


Keep your cash safe - We’re not scaring you, but it’s a fact – Spain has the highest number of tourist related crimes, so it makes sense to roam around with not too much cash.


We know you’d want to shop, so make sure you talk to bank about transacting internationally on your credit and debit cards. Additionally, you could also use these cards to withdraw cash from the ATM.