This Week in Travel – Inter-city cabs at the fare of Bus Travel, What to do when your Bags go missing at Airports& More.

Cabus to offer inter-city cabs at the fare of bus travel


As of now, Cabus has signed in 250 cabs (on the attachment model) – across sedans, multi-purpose vehicles, luxury cars.

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EzeeTake - Now who would have imagined traveling in a cab at the price on par with that of a bus if not lower! That’s something a group of professionals and businessmen intend to achieve by coming together & forming!


Passengers traveling to the same destination would be pooled in & the cab would still make its way to the one who booked it irrespective of whether they’ve found passengers along the way. Sounds awesome, so let’s keep a tab on further developments.

What to do when your bags go missing at airports

By Stop in Grand Central Station via Flickr


β€œTo allow identification of your bag in all situations make sure to have your name and telephone number appear outside of your bag along with your travel itinerary ,” says IATA


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EzeeTake - A missing bag can cause a lot of inconvenience & these valuable tips in the article above should help ease the stress!

Scientists try to unravel warming’s impact on jet stream

“When the weather patterns are not right, we have a constant stream of jets coming in for gas. When things are good, you don’t see them,” said Price, airport operations chief.

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EzeeTake - You can’t really battle mother nature and the recent stats highlighting the number of aircraft’s that have had to change routes or re-fuel mid way due to strong winds have left scientists and researchers baffled.