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Thailand Background Information

Located at the center of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia, Thailand is truly at the heart of this region. Thailand is naturally bordered by Burma to the north and west and is separated by from Laos to the north and east by the Mekong River. Thailand for many reasons is also referred to as “The land of smiles” from tasty spicy cuisine to glittery golden Buddhas to huge majestic elephants your Thailand tour will give you a glimpse of everything.

Thai IslandOver the years Thailand’s been a well frequented destination by tourists. Tourism in fact is one of the main contributors to Thai’s economy with Ayutthaya, Pattaya, Ko Samui, Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin and Bangkok, the capital being some of its core touring hotspots!

One of the most famous tourist’s points in your trip to Thailand is the Coral Island that’s located at Pattaya. Coral island also referred to as Ko Larn is a group of small beautiful islands off the cost of Pattaya. Lovely beaches, sand, and refreshments and cuisine make it a memorable experience.

For one to soak in the Thai atmosphere and really have an enjoyable time, a stay over period of around 4-6 days would make for an ideal Thai experience.  There are a few well customized Thailand tour holiday packages that range from 4 nights/5days right up till 6 nights/7days for you to chose from. Here’s where you can leaf through these detailed Thailand vacation tour packages.

Another important highlight is the captivating Alcazar Show Pattaya. This show’s a must watch and one that shouldn’t go unnoticed as it is simply worth the experience. Delivering a mix of drama, acrobatics & synchronized dancing, the Alcazar show will definitely make your trip to Thailand, a memorable one.

Alcazar Show PerformerThe show’s actually performed by lady performers & on first glance practically all those who are watching the show may think those are simply pretty ladies dancing! Nonetheless, the performance is just scintillating and one has the chance of having a picture clicked with their favorite dancer or the entire dancing lot, prices for which vary accordingly.

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