10 experiences to test your extremes


Our world is filled with mystical panoramas, jaw-dropping sights, and magic in everything possible. But the best thing the world has gifted us is beauty in all extremes. Be it exploratory trekking or a roller coaster ride, every adventure leads to an awe-inspiring experience.

So hear ye, hear ye all extremists – the kind who like their trips thrilling, and for whom mellow is not an option. If you want an entirely unforgettable way to see the world, try these 10 daredevil adventures.

Skydive over Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Feel the wind gushing on your face and your heart in your mouth while you fly off the top of a tall building, over this incredible sight.

Ride huge roller coasters in Disneyland, Hong Kong

Hold tight and get your adrenaline rush while the rollercoaster goes up, down, and upside-down. This is gonna be ‘yuuuge’

Go deep sea diving in the Andamans

Dig deep for courage, and dive deep to make some underwater friends.

Raft down the gushing river in Ladakh

Get your hearts racing while feasting your eyes on breathtaking landscapes and gorges of Ladakh. Go beyond level 4 rapids, if you dare. PS: Strictly at your own risk.

Kiteboarding in Thailand

Take this adventure-filled Kite-boarding ride in Thailand, and try not taking a dump into the water.

Canyoning in Bali

Follow the course of Gitgit waterfalls in Bali. Catch the lush green views of the highest cascade of the island.

Parasail above crystal-blue waters in Goa

Feel alive when you parasail above so high, it’ll make you feel like the king of the sky!

Trek on Dzongri trek, Sikkim

Get off the beaten path and unravel the soul-stirring trekking experience at an altitude of 4,200 m.

Mountaineering in Himachal

Ain’t no mountain high… Push your adventure limits to the extreme in Himachal.
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