ezeego1 ties up with leading Space Travel Company for Mars Tourism


Gears up for first Mars voyage in May 2018. Pre-booking by invitation only.

Space is indeed the final frontier. With technology now making it possible, we embarked on our Mars Mission last year, and are now poised to make it a reality in May 2018.

The future is here

To make space tourism possible, we have integrated with a leading global Space Travel company to launch Spacecraft ez6565 A2. This space shuttle is made with cryo-freezer’s turbo-engine which makes it ultra lightweight and super fast. Solar powered spacesuit and synthesized fuel from water and carbon dioxide will reduce the carbon footprint of space tourism on Mars.

Human-friendly space trip

The planned module of Mars holiday mission makes sure all the trip inclusions are traveler-friendly. The spaceship is terraformed to make living on the red planet easier. Proper healthcare measures will be taken and two astronaut doctors will accompany our space guests. Trip inclusions will also contain sleeping pods and oxygen tanks.

Exploration of space

Mars holiday mission is programmed to pave its way for the curious human explorers. The Martian land is an open space yet to be fully explored. Dirt biking on Victoria’s crater, hiking on Olympus Mons and camping near Ius Chasma canyon for the adventure-seekers willing to go zero-g. Special Mars rovers are set up for transfers on the red planet.

The life on board

Mars takes ‘getting off the beaten path’ to a different level. Space tourists will have to spend time running chores like light cleaning on the spaceship, will be required to get at least 30 min of cardio exercise in the on-craft gym, and will need to make do with pre-packaged, frozen meals.

Booking requirements

Pre-bookings are open until April 15, 2017, and customers who clear the mandatory medical check-up administered by a specialist team of doctors will be able to hop aboard our first Mars Voyage in May 2018.

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