Kashmir: What to see when you sightsee


Kashmir, also known as paradise on earth, is too easy to fall in love with. Every place in Kashmir transports you to a different world. From colorful shikaras to high peaks, here’s a list of places that you shouldn’t miss.

Rich blooming gardens

Be prepared to be swept away by colorful gardens that spell romance. These gardens are overloaded with freshness. Call out to some tulips, and they might just answer.
Psst… strike a pose or shake it like Shammi.

Where to go: Chashme Shahi garden, Shalimar garden, and Nehru garden.

Floating markets amid lilypad

A lot of vendors gather at the crack of dawn to sell vegetables and disappear before sunlight hits the water. Catching these shifty boatmen in action is an adventure of its own. Once the haggling and exchanging are over, take a leisurely ride through local canals from the comfort of a shikara.
Psst… sing a tune or two – Yeh Chand Sa Roshan Chehra.

Where to go: Dal Lake- where mirror flat waters reflect misty peaks while gaily painted shikaras and lavish houseboats glide by.

Highest cable car ride/Gondola ride

The second-highest cable car ride in the world and the highest in Asia is a total treat to the eyes. The panoramic view of the valley rimmed with alpine peaks is too enticing to be missed.
Psst… Gondola in India.

Where to go: Soft and cushioned snow peaks of Gulmarg – also known as skier’s paradise.

Snow-capped mountain with flowery meadows

The vale of Kashmir is bundled with snowy peaks and green grasslands. Be prepared to be swept away by the emerald-green villages nestled photogenically on the slopes of the mountain.
Psst… surrounded by glaciers and lush green, both. Both!

Where to go: Sonamarg- also known as ‘meadow of gold’.

The valley of shepherds

Kashmiri grasslands are naturally landscaped by herds of sheep. These sheep are often found with shepherds wearing long, thick and Jedi-like clothing, and with flailing sticks. The view is summed up by alpine peaks, deep-cut mountain valleys covered with giant conifers.
Psst… what?

Where to go: Pahalgam – A beautiful grassland covered in green carpets.

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