How Ladakh transformed me from within


I had heard that Ladakh is transformative. That it is one of those places that outdoes anything you can ever read about or watch in the movies, I decided to take the trip, and find out. It was the best decision I could have ever taken. Want to know what I did?

I got lost (within myself)

“Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.” – Stacy Westfall. Leaving the crowds behind brought me closer to myself. I built my own adventure storyboard. I followed my instinct of exploring instead of just following the herd. I went to places that didn’t have any traces of human life. I just followed my heart and did what kept me at peace.

Where did I go? Zanskar valley, the most isolated valley in Ladakh. So, I flew solo and let the mountain ranges of Zanskar be my companion.

Found inner zen

Ladakh is, at its heart, a transformational, spiritual experience. Its every fiber took me closer to my inner zen. I took the time to see its compelling monasteries, talked to the monks there, observed and tried to learn from the way of life of the lamas. It helped me find re-balance.

Where did I go? Explored the vividly painted Hemis monastery with its rich colors and welcoming Buddhist monks.

Became closer to nature

Ladakh’s rugged panorama of mountains, heavenly horizons, and crystal clear lakes casted a spell on me. It epitomizes the Buddhist ideals of minimalism and values of holding on to only what’s essential. Its landscape is layered in shades of blue, gray and green, and sets up a beautiful contrast with the golden sunlight during summer.

Where did I go? To witness the best of nature, I went to the most revered Pangong Lake. I was completely enamored.

Experienced life beyond social media

I went where the internet does not follow. I went where all that exists does so in the physical, the tangible and the spiritual sense. I went because I needed to.

Where did I go? Nubra Valley

Came back with a medallion

Ladakh is so much more than its altitude and its mountains. It’s the terrain where the Indian army is known for its hospitality to tourists and the place where the world’s highest motorable road exists. So I had to go, feed the checklist enthusiast in me.

Where did I go? Visited Khardung la pass, the highest motorable road which is 5600 meters in height. Note: Just be extra careful and seek some guidance. It is very important.

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