Heading out on a road trip? Here are 8 Essentials you should Bring Along!

Road trips have grown in popularity over the years and they no doubt are a fun and convenient mode of getting to your end destination. In the midst of everything, it’s important for you to not miss out on the right gear –


GPS Device - Having assistance/guidance both while driving as well as for adventures outside your car is a blessing. So it is always good to have a dedicated or supportive GPS device while traveling.

“KyotoTaxiRide” by Paul Vlaar – Own work


Car Breakdown Kit - This could be your savior when on an open road. Be it a puncture or a mechanical breakdown, essentials like reflective triangles, puncture sealants, car jacks and spanners could well save your day!

“Jackscrew” by User Interiot on en.wikipedia – Own work.


First Aid Kit - There’s no point just looking after our cars health and neglecting our own. A small first aid kit containing adhesives, tweezers, spirit (Dettol/Savlon) will work wonders even in the toughest of situations.


Spare Keys - So you’ve gone for a dip and returned to your vehicle only to realize you can’t figure out where your keys are! Handing over a spare key to your companion is definitely not a bad idea here.


Car USB charger - We love our gadgets as much as you do. From pictures to music, to calls, you can run out of charge pretty quickly. So carry your car USB charger to ensure you never run out of battery.


Pillows & Blankets - Long drives could prove stressful not just to the driver but to the passengers seated behind as well. There’s nothing better than rest your head on a pillow at the end of tiring day out. Blankets simply add to the comfort levels.


Paper Atlas/Maps - Yeah, we’re in the 21st century, but there’s no better back up plan than an age old atlas especially when technology acts up on you!


Plastic bags & Tissue paper –  You maybe a frequent traveler, but you may never really know when car sickness takes its toll on you.