Europe has something for everyone, and so do we!


Whatever is your traveling style, we’ve got you covered!

What comes after a splendid vacation is loads of throwbacks and sadly, some vacay blues! And rightfully so, for it is only when we leave behind the daily rigmarole of our lives that we can open our senses to another simple, yet marvelous creations and emotions that life has to offer. So this summer, sip in the elixir of life by traveling to Europe and come back to a renewed you! What’s more? Whether you are going solo or traveling with your spouse, friends, family or extended family, it’s the perfect destination for everyone. Every individual is different and so is their travel style; so which one are you?

The laid-back traveler

You want a break from work emails and the constant swiping on your Smartphone! After all, a vacation should be all about relaxation and not fretting over the details, right? If you answered yes, then the All-in-one Europe Tour is just the right deal for you. With this tour, you don’t need to go over every minute detail of your itinerary.

The let’s-experience-everything traveler

If only dreaming could translate into reality, we’d love to explore European countries and soak in its rich culture every single day! Whilst hoping for this is a little too much, Cosmos packages allow you to zip zap zoom the European countries with their spectacular train rides, overnight cruise ships, and breath-taking cable car inclines. What more? With Cosmos, you will explore Europe with travelers from across the globe and get the chance to experience the local cuisines and much more.

The YOLO traveler

Exploring Europe with your closest buddies sounds like a great plan, but we all know how difficult it gets to match everyone’s schedules to plan a domestic trip, let alone one abroad. The next best alternative is to hit the shores of Greece, the clubs of Amsterdam and the cobbled Parisian streets with fellow youngsters like thyself! Contiki has, undoubtedly, the best, hip crowd you’d ever want to hang out with. How and why, you ask? Because they’re only between the ages of 18 and 35, and hence, way more fun than other passengers you might meet on any other trip.

The I-want-it-my-way traveler

If you know what you want, there’s nothing wrong with that! What’s best then, is to book a tour that aligns perfectly with your wishes and desires. Europamundo allows you to tweak every single aspect of your trip. You can start your trip whenever you want, wherever you want and stay for as long as you want. If you want to stay longer in one city, so be it! With Europamundo, you can take a break from the tour and return later to continue your journey. Yes, it does sound too good to be true, but no, that doesn’t mean it can’t exist.

We don’t blame if you’re all starry-eyed after reading the above, so head here to make that European trip come true.

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