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7 reasons to head to Europe this summer

If there’s one catchphrase that’s caught the attention of most individuals across the globe, it is this: YOLO. You Only Live Once, or YOLO as most of us call it, is the awareness that today is all we have, and hence, making the most of today is paramount. For those with a penchant for more classier phrases, YOLO translates to carpe diem!

And if there’s one place on this earth that does 100% justice to this feeling of making the most of your life and living life king size, or queen size if you prefer, then Europe’s the place to be! Europe’s undoubtedly-rich historical roots, delectable cuisines and extremely Instagram-worthy nooks and corners have ensured the continent is on the bucket list of every traveler!

So, here are 7 things you must do before you call the curtains on your enchanting European dream

Party in Amsterdam

Let’s be honest, Amsterdam is the epic center of nightlife across the globe. So, it is obvious that you’ll want to hit all the famous clubbing spots here! Imagine what fun it would be to go pub hopping with like-minded young people like thyself and end the night, or early morning, with zero left feet. Actually, why imagine when in reality you can party with energetic fellow travelers who won’t complain about the music ever being too loud for them.

Bask in Baltic’s past

Baltic countries – Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia – might appear to be quite alike, but their distinct history ensures you’ll take back different memories from every country. Lithuania has everything for tourists- historic cities, romantic castles and houses set in the landscape of rolling hills and lakes. Latvia’s World Heritage-listed Riga’s Old Town can be explored for hours and its lake and forest regions are beyond breathtaking. Be it a fascinating past filled with German traders, Danish rules and struggle for Swedish and Russian control, Estonia has it all!

An evening in Paris

The passion for traveling has not only inspired lives, but it has also played cupid to very many beautiful souls over the centuries! Soak in the love, either that of a partner’s or your own self, around Paris Eiffel Tower.Roam through the cobbled Parisian streets, allow the air to set your heart aflutter and renew your vows to life. It is, after all, the best place to say je t’aime the entire world.

Float through Venice

Let the discoverer in you wake up to gondoliers calls in Venice. The gondola is, after all, the most attractive feature of the city. But if you thought Venice was only famous for its canals, be prepared to be thoroughly surprised. The narrow backstreets of Venice hide more than they reveal- churches lined with priceless marbles, sights of heaven on homeless-shelter ceilings and Venetian feasts full of specialty produce and seafood you definitely won’t find anywhere.

Roam in Rome

Nothing utters golden age and spectacular urban development in a breath the way Rome does! The country’s monumental basilicas, including St Peter’s Basilica, are masterpieces of Renaissance architecture. Nicknamed the Eternal City, Rome will let you wander and get lost in the history of the land and bring you back to the present with mouth-watering thin and crispy pizzas and wine (if not the obvious choice- cappuccino). Preferably go with a group of people who don’t mind roaming with you for hours at a stretch. Find compatible traveling souls for Rome right here.

Get insta-ready with Greece

Get those hashtags ready, for you’re entering the idyllic Greek islands of shining seas and breezy beach life. Every corner, every door frame, heck, even every roof deserves a hashtag of its own in Greece!Welcome vibrant colors and individuals in your lives as you pose against the azure seas of this land that has some indelible marks of the Romans, Arabs, Turks, Albanians, etc. Who said history can’t get enough ❤s (hearts) or likes!?

Cruise along the Adriatic

If sun, sand, and seas get you going, then a cruise along the Adriatic Sea is just the right thing for you! The cruise offers a fantastic way to experience the culture of countries like Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece. Soak up the sun and history lessons as you navigate from one culturally-rich center to another, or enjoy the turquoise waters while you swim and snorkel your vacay away! The choice is absolutely yours.

Europe, with its vast geographical reaches, rich culture and history, and sumptuous cuisine options has something to offer for every kind of traveler. But some things are best enjoyed by a group of individuals who are closer to your age than farther from it, and want to discover the world with no regrets! So, book your trip here to ensure you have a whale of a time in the mesmerizing Europe and return home with a cellphone full of new contacts and a gallery full of cherished memories.

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