Be the first to chase the monsoon


Monsoon is almost here!! And so is the feeling of sheer relief from scorching summers – when the temperatures come crashing down, the petrichor fills the senses. When couples are seen sharing the cob, and children are making a splash into the puddles. Chase this damp atmosphere and the sound of pouring rain where the monsoon hits first – follow this trail to enjoy the true spirit of monsoon before it hits your city


The Andaman Islands are the first one to welcome the monsoon, making it more magical and serene. Catching rains on the tropical islands is sure to leave you spellbound.


After Andaman, monsoon moves towards Kerala bringing along the misty panorama, spectacular cliffs, and the rain-swept sea. Sipping freshly brewed coffee straight from Kerala’s farms is a perfect add-on to this blissful ambiance.


Monsoon then moves to Goa in June. The beach shacks are closed during this time of the year – this gives you a chance to enjoy Goa differently. You can explore the Goan city culture, watch the waterfalls come alive, or shop till you drop.


Early monsoon is the best time to soak up the local culture. Enjoy the rhythmic rains with myriad greenery while gorging on steaming momos.


Unfollow the crowds and head to Himachal. It is a perfect time to spot the lush green beauty of Himachal. To enjoy the real essence of monsoon, try Chai & pakoras at pitstops. Plus offseason = lower price.

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