Goa Beaches, Hotels & Resorts – An ideal Place for a Holiday

Goa Beaches, Hotels & Resorts – An ideal Place for a Holiday

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Holiday in France – Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon….

Holiday in France – Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon….

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The waters of Lake Naivasha in Kenya dance under the sunlight as you sail it elegantly & secured with the help of the local Ferrier who points out to significant views you couldn’t afford to miss out!  You stand in awe of what you see during the Naivasha safari.

The wilderness at the banks grazing in harmony – Zebras, Giraffes and Antelopes. The pink flamingoes blanket the surface of the Naivasha lake and the mysterious greenery around you stands picturesque in your sight.


The water safari stays incomplete without the hide & seek game that the hippos play with you as you gently cruise the waters while they hide underwater waiting anxiously for your boat to get closer to them so that they can overturn it! Of course your boatman plays your savior here. It’s just an experience one desires when they tour the waters of Lake Naivasha in Kenya, Africa.


Lying in the north west of Nairobi, Lake Naivasha is a beautiful fresh water lake where many locals also get their fish from. Tourists on the other hand accommodated in the nearby hotels & lodges never miss an opportunity at fishing at Lake Naivasha.

Naivasha was the name derived from a Masaai word; the famous tribal community in Kenya, “Naiposha “meaning “Rough Water”.


There are many resorts, hotels & lodges, comfortable & convenient to seek accommodation at. Many tourists camp at “fisherman’s camp” where they enjoy barbeque afternoons or late nights by the lake with lots of tasty Kenyan cuisine comprising of “Nyaama Choma” & “Sumuma Wiki” – A well prepared lamb dish with sauces and vegetables, a meal you cannot afford to miss if you’re in Kenya!


The famous Sopa resort in Naivasha also gives you the experience of real nature as you choose to cycle in their campus amongst the Deers and wild bucks that don’t really come in your way. You are however advised by the resort staff to not gallivant in the night as the hippos approach closer to the lodging areas and can surprisingly attack you if alone!

Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge


They have a huge spread as buffet at Sopa resort during the day for lunch and in the evenings for dinner. Here’s where you can book your stay at the Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge. One must note, that this being one of the few hotels around the area, bookings could be hard to come by.



A trip into the wild is always something, one will cherish for life. Whether it’s cycling amongst the wild bucks or coming face to face with a hippo on the water safari. It’s a life you live once and it makes sense to live it to the fullest. After all, you need to get back home and narrate a story worth telling!


Thailand tourism – Trip to Thailand

Thailand tourism – Trip to Thailand

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Located at the center of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia, Thailand is truly at the heart of this region. Thailand is naturally bordered by Burma to the north and west and is separated by from Laos to the north and east by the Mekong River. Thailand for many reasons is also referred to as “The land of smiles” from tasty spicy cuisine to glittery golden Buddhas to huge majestic elephants your Thailand tour will give you a glimpse of everything. Read More