Ravina Kothari

Ravina Kothari

Best romantic getaways for every type of couple


We get it! Your vows of commitment deserve a little extra celebration and, of course, less research on the internet. So, we’ve rounded up a bunch of honeymoon destinations that suit every type of couple. From glam island getaways, serene riversides to city breaks, just take your pick and get honeymoon-ing.

Bali for the culture lovers

Need to de-stress after all the wedding planning? Head to Bali and enter into a world of pure bliss. The blend of ocean-side villas, exotic beaches, and lush-green landscape will surely to melt every last bit of your stress away.

Andaman for the beach bums

What’s exotic, tropical and budget-friendly? (Spoiler Alert: Andaman!). This little island has everything to give you the just-wed feels. Snuggle on the sun-kissed beaches, discover underwater worlds together, pamper yourselves with great food or treat yourselves to a spa day.

Mauritius for hardcore romantics

If you’ve been dreaming of beach that comes with laidback & exotic vibes, Mauritius is the place for you. A honeymoon in Mauritius is the perfect place to make fairytale-like memories. Romantic sunset cruises, crystal clear waters, candlelight dinners and so much more; seriously, what’s not to like?

Thailand for the unconventional duo

Thailand is perfect for lovebirds on budget. It’s exciting yet alluring! Not only does it come with an international tag, but also it is blessed with gorgeous beaches, remote jungles, scrumptious Thai cuisine, bustling nightlife and so much more! Enough to make your social media album rule the newsfeed.

Kerala for the stay-inside type

If you are looking for something an uber-relaxing, make your way to Kerala. From tranquil backwaters in Alleppey, long stretches of palm-fringed beaches in Kovalam, mystical tea estates in Munnar to oh-so-romantic houseboats, Kerala is ideal for honeymooners.

Seven sinful holidays that you need to take before tying the knot!


Bachelor parties are so passe, they say! And it’s true. Gone are the days when bachelor parties meant partying till the dawn at the hippest club in the city. These days, to-be-hitched-soon singles believe in the ‘last fling before the ring’ mantra and jet off on a holiday with their closest friends.

So, if you’re getting married and want to make your last bachelor getaway count, here are seven sinful holiday ideas that you need to take with your squad before tying the knot. Pick what suits your squad styles the best!

Holiday of Sloth

Need to steal some time for yourself, away from all the wedding madness? Enter into a tropical state of mind as you escape with your friends with nothing but sun and sand in sight. Lounge with your BFFs by the beach with an endless supply of booze and food. Just unplug!

Holiday of Envy

There’s nothing better than a glam holiday with the gang. Charter off to an exotic destination with your #TravelSquad. Get some fabulous photos on your private yacht to turn others green with envy!

Holiday of Gluttony

If you all believe that there’s nothing better than food, then build a bucket list with everything from exotic cuisines to must-have street food. Don’t forget to include the bizarre dishes, like, Kopi Luwak aka cat poop coffee. Because the whackiest experiences are best shared with friends!

Holiday of Wrath

Get all that wedding stress out of your system with an adrenaline rush! Jump off a cliff, raft over intense rapids, run away from angry bulls (yes, very Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara), or swim with the sharks! Sharing adventure is definitely one of the most underrated experiences. So, go on and get high on adrenaline with your best buds!

Holiday of Lust

Without an escape to one the hottest party destinations, your life would be incomplete; and without your partners in crime, the escape would be incomplete. Grab your wingman and head to Barcelona, Paris or Vegas to live out all your travel fantasies.

Holiday of Pride

If you pride in your ability to shop until the end of time, go on a shopping holiday with BFFs.Hunt your way through shopping malls, street shops, and local stores, and come back with stories, souvenirs, and collectibles worth showing off.

Holiday of Greed

Sometimes one type of holiday just isn’t enough. And if you are feeling a little greedy, pick a destination where you can experience it all – a holiday of sloth, holiday of envy, holiday of gluttony, holiday of wrath, holiday of lust and holiday of pride! We’d suggest the likes of Thailand.

Go ahead and block your friends’ calendar!

Spooktacular bosses: Which one’s yours?


Here’s a Halloween hat tip to scary bosses. In a spectrum of Big Bad Wolf to the  Joker, you’ll know which one’s yours.

Halloween on a Monday – Can anything be scarier? Yes, ahem, some bosses! You might not be scared of the monster under your bed or get over your fear of the dark. But can you escape your bosses? From the Big Bad Wolf to the Joker, see which one suits your boss best. Also, if you are on the other side of the table, then you know what to avoid.

The Big Bad Wolf

Who be that: Make no mistake, wolves love to howl. Even the shadow of their presence can have you running into the woods.
Suited Best For: But, these bosses can really liven up a party. Imagine all the memes and mimes.
Helpful tip: Memes and mimes most effective behind the back

The Vampire Duo

Who be that: It happens sometimes – your lot in life gives you not one but two exacting bosses. They work you to the soul.
Suited Best for: Tag team on them with, “The other boss approved my leave”.
Helpful tip: “Working on X for the other boss,” also works like a charm.

The Invisible Boss

Who be that: The bosses who bring to life the X Files motto – they make you believe. In stuff like teleporting or the Fourth Dimension. They are never around, which you shockingly realize, is not as good as it sounds.
Suited Best for: Finding your inner leader. Take charge!
Helpful tip: Don’t try to play hookie. Remember, you may not see them but they see you.

The walking dead

Who be that: The deadpan boss. Who says something funny but you can’t tell if it’s deliberate or umm a faux pas
Best suited for: Practicing your poker face.
Helpful tip: When in doubt, cut it out.

The Puppet Master

Who be that: The classic micro-manager. Has a point of view on how to write that email.
Suited best for: Upward delegation.
Helpful tip: Stay Calm and Power On.

The Joker: Why so serious?

Who be that: The boss with moods like the weather.
Best suited for: Avoiding when the clouds start to hover.
Helpful tip: We got nothing.

…And let’s not forget

The Superhero

Who be that: The boss you idealize. The one who’s got your back and swoops in every now & then to save the day.
Best suited for: Getting your geek on.
Helpful tip: Extract all the learning you can!
Boss or no boss, it’s always healthy to escape once in a while #ezeeEscape