Drashti Mehta

Drashti Mehta

Keep those promises that you made as a kid!

Mom was the ultimate confidante and friend. She listened to your every hope, every dream & loved you unconditionally. But somewhere along the way, life became a juggernaut. Today, allow us to take you down memory lane. Remember those innocent promises that you made. We know you meant them all.

She’s the person you want to see the whole universe with.

And you know she’s your best amigo.

First one to taste all your kitchen experiments.

She’s the person who can do literally anything.

Unfollow the crowds: Sikkim


Go where the lands are vast. Go where there are few others.

Despite being hailed as a slice of heaven by those who’ve been there, Sikkim still remains a well-guarded travel secret. Almost like a secret society of folks who love its quaintness, and its opportunities for solitude.

Sikkim is a window to the Himalayas, a place for contemplation, for adventure, for beauty and for rejuvenation…

Wondering what should be on your itinerary? Here you go:

Singshore Bridge:

This highest bridge in Sikkim – guaranteed to give you the feeling of being on top of the world. Want more? The picturesque greenery and waterfalls are sure to leave you spellbound.

Things to do at Singshore Bridge: If you want to push your adventure limits to the extreme, try Bungee Jumping off the bridge.

Tsomgo Lake:

Thirty kilometers ahead of Gangtok, lies this Sikkimese piece of beauty. Wild flora & fauna complement the crystal clear waters of this lake. The beauty of this oval-shaped lake is best seen during the summers as it is frozen during winters.

Things to do at Tsongmo Lake: Disconnect from the world and just drink in its beauty. Or if you are an adventure seeker, go trekking at the Kyonqnosla Alpine Sanctuary nearby.

Handicrafts & Handlooms

Beautifully showcased authentic Sikkim handicrafts will blow your mind. Exquisite artwork and intricate design help keeping alive the cultural heritage of Sikkim.

Things to do here: Buy beautiful Sikkim souvenirs to keep your Sikkim trip evergreen in your memory. Set a trend in your city with unique Sikkimese hand weaved shawls, motifs, and other handlooms.

Tiger hill, Darjeeling

Because why stop with just the awesomeness of Sikkim! Head on nearby to Darjeeling and visit -the famed Tiger hill. Hundreds of jeeps do sunrise trips to Tiger Hill at 4 am. Magnificent mount Everest, Lhotse, Makalu mountain make the view so grand.

Things to do in Tiger hill: Watch golden morning light break over the stretch of the Himalayan horizon. Drink flavored Darjeeling tea at a tea stall.

Dzongri trek:

Trek to the milky white peaks is a real awe-inspiring experience. This trek offers panoramic views of the mountain, too.

Things to do in Dzongri trek: This place is known for trekking but if you wish, you can enjoy the view taking Yak safari. I mean, how often do you get to ride a yak? Sikkimese delight Momos is a must try dish.

Kashmir: What to see when you sightsee


Kashmir, also known as paradise on earth, is too easy to fall in love with. Every place in Kashmir transports you to a different world. From colorful shikaras to high peaks, here’s a list of places that you shouldn’t miss.

Rich blooming gardens

Be prepared to be swept away by colorful gardens that spell romance. These gardens are overloaded with freshness. Call out to some tulips, and they might just answer.
Psst… strike a pose or shake it like Shammi.

Where to go: Chashme Shahi garden, Shalimar garden, and Nehru garden.

Floating markets amid lilypad

A lot of vendors gather at the crack of dawn to sell vegetables and disappear before sunlight hits the water. Catching these shifty boatmen in action is an adventure of its own. Once the haggling and exchanging are over, take a leisurely ride through local canals from the comfort of a shikara.
Psst… sing a tune or two – Yeh Chand Sa Roshan Chehra.

Where to go: Dal Lake- where mirror flat waters reflect misty peaks while gaily painted shikaras and lavish houseboats glide by.

Highest cable car ride/Gondola ride

The second-highest cable car ride in the world and the highest in Asia is a total treat to the eyes. The panoramic view of the valley rimmed with alpine peaks is too enticing to be missed.
Psst… Gondola in India.

Where to go: Soft and cushioned snow peaks of Gulmarg – also known as skier’s paradise.

Snow-capped mountain with flowery meadows

The vale of Kashmir is bundled with snowy peaks and green grasslands. Be prepared to be swept away by the emerald-green villages nestled photogenically on the slopes of the mountain.
Psst… surrounded by glaciers and lush green, both. Both!

Where to go: Sonamarg- also known as ‘meadow of gold’.

The valley of shepherds

Kashmiri grasslands are naturally landscaped by herds of sheep. These sheep are often found with shepherds wearing long, thick and Jedi-like clothing, and with flailing sticks. The view is summed up by alpine peaks, deep-cut mountain valleys covered with giant conifers.
Psst… what?

Where to go: Pahalgam – A beautiful grassland covered in green carpets.

Celebrating womanhood, celebrating power.


There is a strong, empowered face of women at the workplace. Damsels in success are thinking outside of the box, and within it when needed, too. In every field they choose, no matter how big or small the task is, they are leading the way and the discourse around leadership, effectiveness and organization building

All of this is awesome. But also a whole lot of work. This women’s day, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, take a pause, take a break, and say thank you.


Juggling between work, family, and relationships- she is the Jack of all trades. Wanna help her relax?

Shield sistah

Saves you from the bullies of the world! Plus, the elders will always allow you to travel if you take her along.
Daredevil BFF
Eveready for an adventure. Take an adventure trip with her and you’ll come back with thrilling stories.

Grammy bear

Because Care Bears are superheroes too! And, who doesn’t love cookie treats while traveling?

Super wifey

She is her own knight in shining armor. But here’s your chance to tell her she keeps you wonderful.

ezeego1 ties up with leading Space Travel Company for Mars Tourism


Gears up for first Mars voyage in May 2018. Pre-booking by invitation only.

Space is indeed the final frontier. With technology now making it possible, we embarked on our Mars Mission last year, and are now poised to make it a reality in May 2018.

The future is here

To make space tourism possible, we have integrated with a leading global Space Travel company to launch Spacecraft ez6565 A2. This space shuttle is made with cryo-freezer’s turbo-engine which makes it ultra lightweight and super fast. Solar powered spacesuit and synthesized fuel from water and carbon dioxide will reduce the carbon footprint of space tourism on Mars.

Human-friendly space trip

The planned module of Mars holiday mission makes sure all the trip inclusions are traveler-friendly. The spaceship is terraformed to make living on the red planet easier. Proper healthcare measures will be taken and two astronaut doctors will accompany our space guests. Trip inclusions will also contain sleeping pods and oxygen tanks.

Exploration of space

Mars holiday mission is programmed to pave its way for the curious human explorers. The Martian land is an open space yet to be fully explored. Dirt biking on Victoria’s crater, hiking on Olympus Mons and camping near Ius Chasma canyon for the adventure-seekers willing to go zero-g. Special Mars rovers are set up for transfers on the red planet.

The life on board

Mars takes ‘getting off the beaten path’ to a different level. Space tourists will have to spend time running chores like light cleaning on the spaceship, will be required to get at least 30 min of cardio exercise in the on-craft gym, and will need to make do with pre-packaged, frozen meals.

Booking requirements

Pre-bookings are open until April 15, 2017, and customers who clear the mandatory medical check-up administered by a specialist team of doctors will be able to hop aboard our first Mars Voyage in May 2018.

How Ladakh transformed me from within


I had heard that Ladakh is transformative. That it is one of those places that outdoes anything you can ever read about or watch in the movies, I decided to take the trip, and find out. It was the best decision I could have ever taken. Want to know what I did?

I got lost (within myself)

“Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.” – Stacy Westfall. Leaving the crowds behind brought me closer to myself. I built my own adventure storyboard. I followed my instinct of exploring instead of just following the herd. I went to places that didn’t have any traces of human life. I just followed my heart and did what kept me at peace.

Where did I go? Zanskar valley, the most isolated valley in Ladakh. So, I flew solo and let the mountain ranges of Zanskar be my companion.

Found inner zen

Ladakh is, at its heart, a transformational, spiritual experience. Its every fiber took me closer to my inner zen. I took the time to see its compelling monasteries, talked to the monks there, observed and tried to learn from the way of life of the lamas. It helped me find re-balance.

Where did I go? Explored the vividly painted Hemis monastery with its rich colors and welcoming Buddhist monks.

Became closer to nature

Ladakh’s rugged panorama of mountains, heavenly horizons, and crystal clear lakes casted a spell on me. It epitomizes the Buddhist ideals of minimalism and values of holding on to only what’s essential. Its landscape is layered in shades of blue, gray and green, and sets up a beautiful contrast with the golden sunlight during summer.

Where did I go? To witness the best of nature, I went to the most revered Pangong Lake. I was completely enamored.

Experienced life beyond social media

I went where the internet does not follow. I went where all that exists does so in the physical, the tangible and the spiritual sense. I went because I needed to.

Where did I go? Nubra Valley

Came back with a medallion

Ladakh is so much more than its altitude and its mountains. It’s the terrain where the Indian army is known for its hospitality to tourists and the place where the world’s highest motorable road exists. So I had to go, feed the checklist enthusiast in me.

Where did I go? Visited Khardung la pass, the highest motorable road which is 5600 meters in height. Note: Just be extra careful and seek some guidance. It is very important.