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Drashti Mehta

5 destinations for an ultimate foodie vacation


If your Instagram is flooded with #foodie posts, your Facebook check-ins mostly show new restaurants and cafes, and your travel plans must (must!) include delicious food and drinks, then we have a list of gastronomical destinations that will make your inner foodie want to travel right now. The icing on the cake? These are just a few hours away! *perfect for long weekends*

So start taking notes, this is going to make you drool on the spot 😛


If you are aching for a va-cay filled with beaches, party, and, of course, good food, Thailand is your one-stop holiday spot! With mouth-watering eats and drinks to dig into, exotic beaches, adventure, and shopping, it is brimming with all things delicious—the ultimate combo, right? From bowls of piping hot noodles, stir-fried delicacies served with rice, authentic Thai curry, grilled meats, to lip-smacking green papaya salad – it’s like a party for your taste buds. And in our humble food loving opinion, the rich and spicy Tom yum goong, fully loaded with juicy shrimp and exotic flavours is just not worth missing! If you are in for some ‘gastro-thrills’, you can try the infamous dancing shrimps, red-ants eggs, grilled rats and more!

Abu Dhabi

Kebabs, Tabbouleh, Hummus and Shawarma – there is no denying that Abu Dhabi is a haven for some serious foodgasms. With breathtaking views, authentic flavours, exotic fragrances, royal treatment, and rich textures – the Emirati food experience is a treat for all your senses. While Abu Dhabi serves almost every international cuisine, we would recommend you to go local and try the authentic Arabian dishes. From food trucks to luxury dine-ins, Abu Dhabi promises to satisfy your food cravings in every way possible.


What’s a foodie life without a visit to Macau, the Mecca for foodies across the world! Macanese cuisine is a mix of Cantonese and Portuguese cuisines, with some influences from European, Indian, African and south-east Asian cultures. Macau has a multitude of must-try foods to tantalize your taste buds. From egg tarts, exquisite Portuguese seafood to black garlic chocolate, Macau offers everything to satiate your foodie cravings. If you still need some convincing, you should know that UNESCO declared Macau as the creative city of gastronomy recently. You can literally enjoy the best of the street foods, laidback cafes, and world famous dine-ins all at one place!


Whether it’s culture, food or people, Singapore will surprise you at every turn. And what best way to get the real taste of Singapore than food, right? With the endless list of options to offer, this city is a treasure trove of good food. For your street-food cravings, you should head straight to Hawker centre and you will be offered with Laksa, wanton noodles, pork barbecue, dumplings and a lot more! If you want to go a little fancy, try wine and dine experience in Marina Bay Sands, where good food comes with a great view. Moreover, Singapore has cafes and restaurants set up in every two minutes’ distance. So you can just eat your way through Singapore!

South Korea

South Korea is a paradise for foodies and it absolutely, 100%, should be on your radar. The Korean meat preps, veggies, rice, and spice are a match made in food heaven! It offers delicious Kimchi, steamy Korean BBQ, juicy meat dishes to fully-loaded rice bowls. So, here, you are basically spoilt for choice!
Apart from the lip-smacking delicacies, South Korea takes the culinary experience to a whole new level with its themed cafes. From playful fairy tale cafés to bizarre monster themed restaurants – just think of a theme and there’s already a café in South Korea just like that!

Thailand for all

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Little something for everyone in the group

Let’s admit it! A holiday with all your friends has been on your bucket list for quite a long time now and planning a holiday that is a perfect match for everyone is not easy. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Thailand is the destination for your entire squad or family from lazy ones, culture lovers, adventurous souls to party animals, So, yeah somewhere there’s a bit of a Thailand with your name written on it. So start creating the Whatsapp groups, we’ll tell you the places to visit that’ll make every type of traveler happy.

Beach bums

If laid-back vibes and sun-kissed beaches with a dash of exotic is your thing, you’re bound to fall in love with Thailand. The pristine stretches of golden sand, palm-fringed beaches, scuttling crabs and the relaxed vibes together make everything beachy – just how you’d like your Thailand getaway to be.


A fiery bowl of ‘Tom Yum’ soup, juicy grilled pork on a stick or spicy Thai stir-fry chicken with cashew nuts… drooling yet? So, what are you waiting for? Head to Thailand and treat your inner foodie to a culinary experience full of exotic flavors. And for all you fearless foodies, you can test your appetites with some eccentric street food. Try everything you can, from purple-colored rice, dancing shrimps to fried things that have antennae, we bet you will never run out of crazy stories.

Adrenaline junkies

It’s no secret Thailand is a haven of underwater sports. Famed for diving lessons, Thailand is the cheapest place to learn diving. You can get both PADI and SSI certificates at pocket-friendly prices. Dive into an adventurous world to make some underwater buddies. Keep your eye out or you’ll miss trevally, batfish, and barracuda to whale sharks. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can try hot air ballooning, river rafting, kayaking or forest trekking.

Party animals

There ain’t no party like partying in Thailand! Being a host to some of the best party islands in the world, this destination won’t let you party lovers down. From hippie nightclubs to beach parties, Thailand has everything to make you go crazy. Don’t miss out on the full moon party on the island of Koh Phangan. An all-night beach party is just what you need to party from dusk till dawn.

Family travelers

For all those who thought Thailand is not for kids, well, you thought wrong. It is the biggest playground you can take the little’uns to. From catching beach crabs, building sand castles, making some underwater friends to learning all about the Thai culture, your kids will never get bored in here.

16 long weekends, 16 experiences for your 2018

2018 is here and is bringing 16 long weekends along. Yes, you read that right 16 long, happy weekends!

Now we know what you’re thinking – Where to spend your long weekends at? But don’t worry ezeego1’s got a plan to make your 2018 a year you’ll never forget! Here are 18 experiences to check off your bucket list. So, block your calendars and plan well ahead of time, we’ll ensure that you get the most out of this exciting year.

Treat yo’self at the DSF

If the New year party has left you a little light in the pocket, Dubai Shopping Festival is here to save you! It will be on until Jan 27. There are a plenty of sales to shop from and bargains to bag. So both, you and your wallet are happy!

Discover the upside-down world

If you have explored enough of the land, enter into the upside-down world in Andaman. Scuba dive your way through crystal clear waters to make some underwater friends, discover coral reefs, or create your own little mermaid story!

Take a leap of faith

Want to witness something spectacular? What better than skiing down the slopes in Kashmir and February is the perfect time to experience snowfall? So, climb up to Gulmarg’s heavenly peak and slide down amidst breathtaking landscapes. Or even build a snowman!

Experience a little bit of everything

If you truly want to break free from the busy life, be carefree, and do whatever that makes you happy, Bali is just the place for you! It is the ultimate island destination for every traveller. From finding treasures underwater, witnessing the best of nature, trying the world’s most expensive coffee to relaxing by the beach, there’s plenty to explore and experience in Bali.

Put on your discoverer cap

Your March vacay calls for a pinch of offbeat! Leave the crowds behind and head straight to Sri Lanka. Spot the elephants in wild, climb up the Sigiriya Rock, meditate in a 2,000-year-old temple or learn all about Ayurveda.

Detox your soul

Live out a simple life away from your all-consuming smartphones and the madding crowds in Sikkim. Get lost in aromatic tea plantations, explore the serene monasteries, indulge in some local cuisines or simply walk around the mountains to rejuvenate your soul.

Sail through the backwaters of Kerala

What better way to post your #IWokeUpLikeThis selfie than with the pristine backwaters of Kerala. Discover its myriad charms, float along and gaze over paddy fields for the most beautiful and relaxing experiences.

Get lost in the middle of nowhere

Make the most of your longest long weekend of the year! Get lost in the rugged beauty of Ladakh to find yourself. A soulful undigitized trip to Ladakh is all you need to fix your mid-year blues.

Live like a royal

Live your life king size in Rajasthan for your September vacay. Explore the land of kings with elephant and camelback rides, magnificent palaces, royal Rajasthani food. If you’re interested, you can even attend The Janmashtami celebration; the festivities are worth not missing.

Party like there’s no tomorrow

Thailand is literally synonymous with part-aaaaay! You can go pub crawling or party by the beach; think Full moon parties! And if you feel your adventurous instincts kicking in, go hot air ballooning, kayaking, scuba diving and more!

Relive those history lessons

For the September long weekend enter into a land straight outta your history textbook. Wander around in Cairo, take a selfie with the Sphinx, and explore the pyramids, and who knows you might just find ‘The Mummy’ looking for you.

Follow the foodie trails

Singapore takes care of all your foodie cravings. From Michelin-starred street food, yes, Michelin-starred street food, to Michelin-starred restaurants, you will find yourself drooling over Chinese, Malay, Indian, Indonesian food. The list of cuisines is endless!

Test your extremes

This year challenge yourself to do things you never thought you would do! An adventurous escape to a land with breathtaking landscapes to test your limits. New Zealand is the unofficial the adventure capital of the world. Take your pick from skydiving, bungee, jet boating, zip lining, rafting and more.

Bid 2018 an adieu in style

What’s a year without Goa in it? End your year on a ‘high’ note and head straight to Goa! Party all day – straight from dawn to dusk and then dusk to dawn. Need we say more?

Top 5 vacation spots for some snow, chills and cool breeze


There’s nothing like unplugging from the urban grind and escaping for an action-packed winter getaway. And we have picked out top 5 trendy destinations for your winter travel needs. So grab your favorite woolen clothes and beanies, and #GetOut


Synonymous with heaven, Kashmir turns into a winter wonderland. Everywhere you look, the land is covered with miles of white carpet. It is the snow Mecca of India is blessed with adventurous activities during winter. You can ride up to the peak on a Gondola, ski down the Gulmarg peak, trek along the snow-crest mountains of Pahalgam, or chill by the frozen lake in Sonmarg.


Fill your social media feeds with ice skating boomerangs and slomos as your glide through London’s iconic skating rinks. And to make things more idyllic, sip on hot chocolate or mulled wine in cafes as the snowflakes gently fall all around.


Blessed with the spectacular landscapes and the awe-inspiring views amidst the Himalayas, Sikkim is a destination worth falling in love with. Everything about Sikkim spells out serenity that resonates with your body and soul. Also, doesn’t gorging on steaming thukpa or momos as you enjoy a chilly breeze sound too good to be true?


Paris is magical all throughout the year but during winter, it turns into a land, straight out of fairytales. From Champs Elysées, Eiffel Tour, Sacre Coeur to Notre-Dame Cathedral, everything will look dreamy in the winters and to soak in the real beauty of Paris, just take a stroll around the city.


Himachal turns into a snowy haven in the winters. The snow clad mountains and trees make it look like something out of a postcard. With plenty of Bollywood movies shot here, you can recreate your favorite filmy moment amidst the snowy peaks of Manali. Or if you are looking for some thrills, go mountaineering ski down the snowy peaks. And for some chills, unwind by the bonfire with some ecstatic music.

When a corporate life on steroids collides with the chill life


Sitting in that long meeting where important abbreviations are coming at you hard and fast? IMHO, wouldn’t it be awesomesauce if they could mean something entirely different? All you need is a little bit of imagination, a whole lot of wanderlust, and a world where the expectation is reality (We wish!)

Multi-tasking because Business As Usual vs chilling with the BAE?
When you are waiting for that flight, fantasizing about Grand Theft Auto instead.
Bag vs Swag
Swaggers be like, “what bag?”
Staying up so late it’s early (Pacific Standard Time) or doing what you like – Just Like That?
Sheets vs shots
What’s your pick?

Your ultimate checklist for Singapore


With its iconic skylines and bustling nightlife, Singapore will mesmerize you at every turn. What’s more? Its melting pot of culture is a reflection of Singapore’s true cosmopolitan culture, global cuisines & cutting-edge infrastructure. Oozing with the tourist attractions, it is a living proof how best things come in small packages.

If you want a real taste of Singaporean beauty, we’ll tell you where to go and what to do, when you land there! So pick up a scratchpad and make your Singapore to-do list!

Spice up your newsfeed at Gardens by the bay

Check-in to one of the most checked-in places on Facebook – Gardens by the bay. It brings together elements of nature and man-made wonders in such a surreal manner that it almost feels like you are in the Avatar movie. The supertrees, giant structures intertwined with wires glow in the lights like giant candles, create an absolutely breathtaking view.

Strike a pose with the Lion!

Take that famous selfie with the Merlion, and be ready to get 100 likes on your picture out of pure jealousy! Once the sun goes down, soak into the evening charm with boat rides, light shows and the joyous faces of the people. Looking for more likes? Click a selfie with the real lion at the Singapore Jungle Safari and watch your social media get flooded with likes.

Get high on Singaporean beauty at flyer avenue

Climb aboard the Singapore Flyer and you’ll feel like you are floating (literally) on the top of the world. A ride 500 feet above the ground will do that to you. A 30-minute ride on this flyer and you’ll be treated with panoramic views of the city.

Get lit up at Marina Bay Sands

What could be a better way of enjoying the city’s skyline than on the 57th floor, holding a cocktail in one hand? Or you could take an evening dip in the world’s largest and highest infinity pool. And if you are in the mood for something fancy, splurge on scrumptious meals in the five-star restaurants and party all night in Marina Bay Sands.

Pamper your taste buds at Hawker Centre

If you start craving for some good ol’ street food, just follow the long queues at Singapore’s hawker center and you’ll find yourself drooling over Indonesian, Malay, Indian, and Chinese food. Yes, the list of cuisines is endless. Level up your selfie game at the selfie coffee cafe near Bugis. Here you can take a selfie and print it on the top of your favorite latte.

Find the best of everything at Sentosa islands

Indulge yourself at an island that is a paradise in itself! It has everything you could possibly ask for – Waterparks, laidback beaches, Michelin-starred restaurants, exotic spas and so much more. But if there’s one thing we would recommend is the underwater aquarium and the dolphin show. And if you are game, you can even swim and dance with the dolphins!

Relive your childhood at Universal Studios

Hold your breath, put on your seatbelts, and get ready for an action-packed adventure. Enter into the world of your favorite Hollywood movies at Universal Studios. Breathtaking rides, joyous performances, and spooky horror house you will be spoilt for choices. End your trip with a visit to the Hershey’s store because… Why not?

Shop till you drop at Bugis, Arab Street & Orchid road

There’s no therapy better than the retail therapy. If you want to splurge on premium brands, shop at Orchid road and if budget is on your mind, hit the stalls at Bugis & Arab Street; this way both your heart and pocket are happy!

13 reasons why Bali should be your next Holiday pick


Let’s cross Bali off your bucket list

Bali! Just the name is enough to get you into a paradise state of mind. This little island offers everything a traveler’s soul could ever need. While it is the ultimate beach destination, Bali is much more than the sun & the sea. It is blessed with spirituality and natural beauty, enough to keep the good vibes going. What’s more? It has been listed as the best holiday destination.

Still need a reason to visit Bali? We are tempting you with 13!

Your wallet will love Bali

For those looking for a budget vacay that ticks all the boxes, Bali is your destination! It guarantees luxury without breaking your bank. Be it a honeymoon or a family vacation, you can Eat. Pray. Love. your way through this little Indonesian island, in style. Wait… Did we mention it’s extremely pocket-friendly?

It spells romance

Love is a four letter word and so is Bali! With a mix of ocean-side villas, exotic beaches, and lush green landscape, it forms the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway. Up your romance game with the exotic resorts that really know how to pamper lovebirds. It’s definitely the place to woo your boo!


There ain’t no vacay like a beach vacay! Bali has beaches tucked all around its corners. All you need you to do is look beyond the tourist traps. For feel-good beach days and hours of snorkeling, the Tanjung Benoa is just perfect!

Endless spectacular beauty

Bali has a multitude of untouched lands. Perfect for those who like to add a pinch of offbeat to their holiday. Discover secret caves, gorgeous canyons, daring cliffsides and rice paddies, where each will leave you spellbound. For a more a soulful journey, explore the Ubud village, where you can live among the locals and experience their culture first-hand.

Tons of adventure

Add a little adrenaline rush to your Bali to-do list. It could be something as simple as straddling a banana boat, snorkeling, deep sea diving, or fly-boarding. You can also get your PADI-certified diver’s permit and learn to scuba dive like a pro. PS. If you dare, live out your Indiana Jones fantasy and explore underwater statues at diving sites such as Amed, Permuteran, Nusa Dua, Gili Meno and Lombok.

Bird watching

Ever wished to say Dracarys to your Dragon? Your Bali holiday will make that happen too! Yes, there is a Dragon (Read: Komodo dragon) at Bali Bird and Reptile Park. Find more than a thousand birds and around 250 species of birds there. Keep your camera handy to click a perfect Instagram shot with the birds.

Volcano trekking

Feeling brave? Give Volcano trekking a shot. Situated towards the northern side of Bali, Mt. Batur and Mt. Agung are two of the largest volcanoes on the island. If you are in great shape, opt for the sunrise trek at Agung, it won’t disappoint; otherwise, you can go for the Batur trek. So what if one of them is an active volcano, the hike will truly be worth the views.

A foodie’s paradise

We just cannot miss mentioning the food here. Satiate your hungry soul with the scrumptious Indonesian food – from nasi goreng to hamburger rendang, you just can’t stop keep asking for more.

Always party-ready

Party like there’s no tomorrow at THE best nightlife place in Bali. The sunset parties never grow old at Kuta beach. Once the sun goes down, the famous party scenes kick off. Just sip on your favorite drinks and dance your heart away! And if you are looking for something more laidback, poolside lounges is the place for you. Because it wouldn’t be a trip to Bali without some cocktails by the pool, would it?

Feed your culture vulture

Don’t leave the Indonesian island without visiting the famous temples filled with pure zen. Famous as ‘The land of thousand temples’ is no exaggeration. This tiny island has more than 6,000 temples. So get your temple run mode on and start visiting all the blissful temples of Bali.

Indulge in Retail Therapy

Treat yourself to a little retail therapy! Haggle around and bag the best souvenirs & artistic variety at the Ubud market.

Find inner Shanti

Fuel your soul with the ayurvedic healing or rejuvenate your soul with a meditation session amidst the lush greenery or soothing ocean views of Bali. Sounds like a little bit like heaven, doesn’t it?

A little something for everyone

Bali is a perfect holiday destination for everyone – honeymooners, family, backpackers, adrenaline junkies, just everyone. There’s simply no contesting the decision of how Bali topped the world’s best holiday destination list!

Need a 14th reason? Bali Holiday package starting from Rs 19,780

This exotic island getaway is closer than you think


Need tropical break without traveling to the other side of the world? We say an island holiday in Andaman is all you need! Touted as a great holiday discovery, this little island has everything to give you some serious wanderlust.

Picture this: A holiday destination that gives you tons of adventure, a dose of history, a perfect setting for romance, and everything with a pinch of exotic feels – Yep, that’s Andaman for you! And if you need some more island-spiration, here’s a list of things to do in Andaman:

Snorkel around: Dive deep into the blue

Slap on your snorkeling gear and leap into azure waters that are brimming with underwater treasures. Just unleash the mermaid in you and dive deep into the world of Manta Rays, Moray Eels, turtles, Angelfish & many more underwater friends!

PS. Don’t forget to capture that underwater selfie – perfect to boast on your social media.

Relax: Just forget all about the hustle

Unwind at the beaches and enjoy the vibes that are laid waaaay back. There is something about the beaches of Andaman that gets our travel senses tingling. Need to detox your soul? Curl up with a book while sipping your favorite piña coladas, or find a hammock, and see your stress melt away.

PS. Remember to pack your sunscreen!

Time travel: Explore a piece of ancient India

Brush up on your history by visiting Andaman’s historical sites that warrant an extended exploration. Swing by the many historical places in Andaman, back from ancient India. Visit the Cellular jail, the Anthropological museum, Chatham saw mill & Naval Marine museum.

PS. The late night, sound and light show is simply worth it!

Roam and Romance: Beach is better together!

Let your love blossom on the oh-so-romantic beaches of Andaman. You could stroll on the “Best beach in Asia” – Radhanagar beach. Catch the sun setting in the wine-red skyline, call for a romantic candlelit dinner by the beach, gorge on some scrumptious seafood, or if you are one of those adventurous couples, buckle up for a lot of adventure!

PS. Find your own version of #BaeGoals

Make memories: Take back the bit of an island with you

You may leave the island but the island doesn’t leave you! Bring along those unforgettable memories and leave behind a part of your mind and soul amidst those islands.

PS. Perfect for that #ThrowbackThursday caption


10 experiences to test your extremes


Our world is filled with mystical panoramas, jaw-dropping sights, and magic in everything possible. But the best thing the world has gifted us is beauty in all extremes. Be it exploratory trekking or a roller coaster ride, every adventure leads to an awe-inspiring experience.

So hear ye, hear ye all extremists – the kind who like their trips thrilling, and for whom mellow is not an option. If you want an entirely unforgettable way to see the world, try these 10 daredevil adventures.

Skydive over Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Feel the wind gushing on your face and your heart in your mouth while you fly off the top of a tall building, over this incredible sight.

Ride huge roller coasters in Disneyland, Hong Kong

Hold tight and get your adrenaline rush while the rollercoaster goes up, down, and upside-down. This is gonna be ‘yuuuge’

Go deep sea diving in the Andamans

Dig deep for courage, and dive deep to make some underwater friends.

Raft down the gushing river in Ladakh

Get your hearts racing while feasting your eyes on breathtaking landscapes and gorges of Ladakh. Go beyond level 4 rapids, if you dare. PS: Strictly at your own risk.

Kiteboarding in Thailand

Take this adventure-filled Kite-boarding ride in Thailand, and try not taking a dump into the water.

Canyoning in Bali

Follow the course of Gitgit waterfalls in Bali. Catch the lush green views of the highest cascade of the island.

Parasail above crystal-blue waters in Goa

Feel alive when you parasail above so high, it’ll make you feel like the king of the sky!

Trek on Dzongri trek, Sikkim

Get off the beaten path and unravel the soul-stirring trekking experience at an altitude of 4,200 m.

Mountaineering in Himachal

Ain’t no mountain high… Push your adventure limits to the extreme in Himachal.
Feeling adventurous already? All you need now is to pack your bags and ezeeGo

Be the first to chase the monsoon


Monsoon is almost here!! And so is the feeling of sheer relief from scorching summers – when the temperatures come crashing down, the petrichor fills the senses. When couples are seen sharing the cob, and children are making a splash into the puddles. Chase this damp atmosphere and the sound of pouring rain where the monsoon hits first – follow this trail to enjoy the true spirit of monsoon before it hits your city


The Andaman Islands are the first one to welcome the monsoon, making it more magical and serene. Catching rains on the tropical islands is sure to leave you spellbound.


After Andaman, monsoon moves towards Kerala bringing along the misty panorama, spectacular cliffs, and the rain-swept sea. Sipping freshly brewed coffee straight from Kerala’s farms is a perfect add-on to this blissful ambiance.


Monsoon then moves to Goa in June. The beach shacks are closed during this time of the year – this gives you a chance to enjoy Goa differently. You can explore the Goan city culture, watch the waterfalls come alive, or shop till you drop.


Early monsoon is the best time to soak up the local culture. Enjoy the rhythmic rains with myriad greenery while gorging on steaming momos.


Unfollow the crowds and head to Himachal. It is a perfect time to spot the lush green beauty of Himachal. To enjoy the real essence of monsoon, try Chai & pakoras at pitstops. Plus offseason = lower price.