About ezeego1

Conceived with the intention to provide the global traveler and travel service providers a ‘one-stop platform’ to service all their travel needs, ezeego1.com was founded in 2006 with a marketplace concept, offering the widest range of travel products in the Indian market. For ezeego1.com customer centricity is at the core of its DNA and it has zero tolerance for any processes or actions that hinder an ideal customer experience. The ‘Customer first’ philosophy manifests itself in all aspects of the organization’s operations, be it contact center, product development, technology or marketing.

ezeego1.com has had an eventful journey of over ten years, surpassing many milestones to evolve as a trusted partner to millions of loyal patrons on the consumer side of the business. It also has a strong network of partners in the trade, including agents, corporate houses, alliance partners and tourism boards. Corporate alliances with partners in verticals like banking, retail, and telecom form a key part of its customer base. The company is now well positioned to take the next big leap, consolidating its position in the Indian market and globally, with operations set up in Australia, the Middle East, and other strategic markets.