A trip to Thailand… Thai cuisine, splendid beaches & Picturesque Scenery

Thailand it is……

Coral Island, the Alcazar show, Krabi, Golden Triangle, Chiang Mai are most heard of when one is talking Thailand! Be it a simple getaway or a honeymoon tour to Thailand, the Thai excitement certainly lives up to expectation. In short, Thailand does have a lot to offer & at the end of it all there is something for everyone.


But what makes tourism in Thailand so special? Well, it’s pretty simple – warm people, splendid beaches, fantastic hospitality & picturesque scenery drives people to revisiting Thailand more than just once!



Thailand Beaches – Turquoise Blue Water, Scuba Diving, Long Boat Ride


Everyone loves beaches. It’s an ideal way to relax; a nice dip, clear sand, beach games with other fun filled activities – one can easily spend an entire day/afternoon with their family in this manner. Talking of beaches, here’s where Phuket, Krabi and Koh Samui come to life with their magical beaches made up of clear sand and turquoise water.   The long tail boat is your best bet here; economical and desirable giving you a complete view of the delightful scenery.


The excitement doesn’t end there; those adventurous can go a step ahead with elephant and jungle trekking, for water freaks there’s scuba diving and white water rafting too.


If you happen to visit Thailand on a romantic note, you won’t be disappointed either ;) Beautiful luxury hotels with private pools, candle light dining, and classy spa treatments simply make a Honeymoon in Thailand an occasion to remember. As a matter of fact, there are several hotels in Thailand that offer special add-ons that help enhance your overall experience.


Thailand Cuisine – Sour, Sweet, Salty & Bitter


And last but not least how can we leave out food? Well, of course not, Thai cuisine is famous the world over and will definitely keep you hooked. Thai chefs pay attention to every detail to ensure their dishes are balanced, with that perfect mix of sweet & sour; spiciness being at the core of it all.  Thai seafood curry & Kaeng phet pet yang: roast duck in red curry are some famous Thai cuisine dishes!


To sum up, Thailand has it all, from exciting cuisine to beautiful scenery, your visit will never be a disappointing one.


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