A Road trip to Ladakh – Journey of a Lifetime

Famously referred to as the “Land of high passes” Ladakh is a region in Jammu and Kashmir in Northern India. The districts of Leh and Kargil make up for the Indian portion of Ladakh. As a matter of fact, Leh is the largest district in India.

Beautiful destinations, naturally, always attract a lot of tourists and Ladakh is no different. Each year scores of tourists visit Ladkah.  Ladakh tourism kicked off way back in the 19th century and is still a well frequented Indian Tourism destination as of today.

Having said this, we were lucky enough to extract first hand information from of our colleague – Payal Saxena at ezeego1 who recently visited Ladakh, Srinagar, Pahalgam, Kargil, Pangong Lake and the famous Nubra valley over a 10 day road trip. Well, yeah, now that’s a good number of hot spots that she’s covered and there’s some eye candy too

To begin with, Srinagar was her first stop followed by Kargil, Pangong Lake, Nubra valley and Leh. (The stay over atLeh was 3 nights, thereby making it the longest.) Dal Lake - Srinagar

Situated on the banks of the Jhelum river, Srinagar is a well frequented destination specially during summer. The lakes, gardens and houseboats simply add to its already existing beauty. The overnight stay at Srinagar was quite an experience. The Houseboat hotel simply lived up to expectations. Its well furnished luxury class rooms allowed for a comfortable and pleasant stay. Both these hotels had excellent food to offer and dining issues did not really surface.

However, the experience in Leh was similar to that of Srinagar. Hotel Antilope made for a comfortable staying experience too. However, the stayover and dining experience at Nubra and Pangong wasn’t all that great; in fact Maggi Noodles was the best thing out there, yeah, you got that right ;)

In short, the trip was full of beautiful attractions that simply caught the eye. The Himalayan mountain ranges, the monasteries, Pangong Lake – blue water lake (which is 1/3rd in China) and the cold desert sand dunes of the  Nubra valley simply blew the mind away. This is eternal beauty unfolding right before your eyes & to add to it all, there was some beautiful snowfall whilst returning from Pangong to Leh! Now, that says it all. All in all, this trip was one of Payal’s best trips and she’d love to do this all over again J

Abbas Dhuliawala says:

My experience was also a great one. Enjoyed Anjir, Likir, Chalngla, Khardungla- Snow fall, Tiger Hills, Rohtang, Hunder and Nubra Valley Camel Ride, Sand Dunes, Baralaccha and Manali on Bikes…..