Tea trail: 8 places to visit for the best tea in India and the world


No matter how old we grow, we cannot get over our love for a cup of tea. Be it the winter morning or a rainy evening, we have a bagful of childhood memories created over a cup of ‘garma garam chai’. We Indians are quite familiar with the phrase ‘chai shai’. Because, in an Indian home, a cup of chai is always accompanied by a plate of hot pakoras, crispy namkeens or sweet and salted biscuits. We are happy to declare that the love for tea is not confined within India. It has extended its arms across Asia and Europe. If you are a tea lover and find it difficult to get your customary cuppa when you travel, then we are here to guide you. We have handpicked eight amazing destinations that serve the best tea in India and the world.

Every tea lover should visit these amazing places, at least once in a lifetime, to solemnise their love for the beverage. Wait not and plan your tea trail to taste the best tea in India and the world. Pack your favourite flavour home and remember the vacation for a lifetime.

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