5 destinations for an ultimate foodie vacation


If your Instagram is flooded with #foodie posts, your Facebook check-ins mostly show new restaurants and cafes, and your travel plans must (must!) include delicious food and drinks, then we have a list of gastronomical destinations that will make your inner foodie want to travel right now. The icing on the cake? These are just a few hours away! *perfect for long weekends*

So start taking notes, this is going to make you drool on the spot 😛


If you are aching for a va-cay filled with beaches, party, and, of course, good food, Thailand is your one-stop holiday spot! With mouth-watering eats and drinks to dig into, exotic beaches, adventure, and shopping, it is brimming with all things delicious—the ultimate combo, right? From bowls of piping hot noodles, stir-fried delicacies served with rice, authentic Thai curry, grilled meats, to lip-smacking green papaya salad – it’s like a party for your taste buds. And in our humble food loving opinion, the rich and spicy Tom yum goong, fully loaded with juicy shrimp and exotic flavours is just not worth missing! If you are in for some ‘gastro-thrills’, you can try the infamous dancing shrimps, red-ants eggs, grilled rats and more!

Abu Dhabi

Kebabs, Tabbouleh, Hummus and Shawarma – there is no denying that Abu Dhabi is a haven for some serious foodgasms. With breathtaking views, authentic flavours, exotic fragrances, royal treatment, and rich textures – the Emirati food experience is a treat for all your senses. While Abu Dhabi serves almost every international cuisine, we would recommend you to go local and try the authentic Arabian dishes. From food trucks to luxury dine-ins, Abu Dhabi promises to satisfy your food cravings in every way possible.


What’s a foodie life without a visit to Macau, the Mecca for foodies across the world! Macanese cuisine is a mix of Cantonese and Portuguese cuisines, with some influences from European, Indian, African and south-east Asian cultures. Macau has a multitude of must-try foods to tantalize your taste buds. From egg tarts, exquisite Portuguese seafood to black garlic chocolate, Macau offers everything to satiate your foodie cravings. If you still need some convincing, you should know that UNESCO declared Macau as the creative city of gastronomy recently. You can literally enjoy the best of the street foods, laidback cafes, and world famous dine-ins all at one place!


Whether it’s culture, food or people, Singapore will surprise you at every turn. And what best way to get the real taste of Singapore than food, right? With the endless list of options to offer, this city is a treasure trove of good food. For your street-food cravings, you should head straight to Hawker centre and you will be offered with Laksa, wanton noodles, pork barbecue, dumplings and a lot more! If you want to go a little fancy, try wine and dine experience in Marina Bay Sands, where good food comes with a great view. Moreover, Singapore has cafes and restaurants set up in every two minutes’ distance. So you can just eat your way through Singapore!

South Korea

South Korea is a paradise for foodies and it absolutely, 100%, should be on your radar. The Korean meat preps, veggies, rice, and spice are a match made in food heaven! It offers delicious Kimchi, steamy Korean BBQ, juicy meat dishes to fully-loaded rice bowls. So, here, you are basically spoilt for choice!
Apart from the lip-smacking delicacies, South Korea takes the culinary experience to a whole new level with its themed cafes. From playful fairy tale cafés to bizarre monster themed restaurants – just think of a theme and there’s already a café in South Korea just like that!

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