16 long weekends, 16 experiences for your 2018

2018 is here and is bringing 16 long weekends along. Yes, you read that right 16 long, happy weekends!

Now we know what you’re thinking – Where to spend your long weekends at? But don’t worry ezeego1’s got a plan to make your 2018 a year you’ll never forget! Here are 18 experiences to check off your bucket list. So, block your calendars and plan well ahead of time, we’ll ensure that you get the most out of this exciting year.

Treat yo’self at the DSF

If the New year party has left you a little light in the pocket, Dubai Shopping Festival is here to save you! It will be on until Jan 27. There are a plenty of sales to shop from and bargains to bag. So both, you and your wallet are happy!

Discover the upside-down world

If you have explored enough of the land, enter into the upside-down world in Andaman. Scuba dive your way through crystal clear waters to make some underwater friends, discover coral reefs, or create your own little mermaid story!

Take a leap of faith

Want to witness something spectacular? What better than skiing down the slopes in Kashmir and February is the perfect time to experience snowfall? So, climb up to Gulmarg’s heavenly peak and slide down amidst breathtaking landscapes. Or even build a snowman!

Experience a little bit of everything

If you truly want to break free from the busy life, be carefree, and do whatever that makes you happy, Bali is just the place for you! It is the ultimate island destination for every traveller. From finding treasures underwater, witnessing the best of nature, trying the world’s most expensive coffee to relaxing by the beach, there’s plenty to explore and experience in Bali.

Put on your discoverer cap

Your March vacay calls for a pinch of offbeat! Leave the crowds behind and head straight to Sri Lanka. Spot the elephants in wild, climb up the Sigiriya Rock, meditate in a 2,000-year-old temple or learn all about Ayurveda.

Detox your soul

Live out a simple life away from your all-consuming smartphones and the madding crowds in Sikkim. Get lost in aromatic tea plantations, explore the serene monasteries, indulge in some local cuisines or simply walk around the mountains to rejuvenate your soul.

Sail through the backwaters of Kerala

What better way to post your #IWokeUpLikeThis selfie than with the pristine backwaters of Kerala. Discover its myriad charms, float along and gaze over paddy fields for the most beautiful and relaxing experiences.

Get lost in the middle of nowhere

Make the most of your longest long weekend of the year! Get lost in the rugged beauty of Ladakh to find yourself. A soulful undigitized trip to Ladakh is all you need to fix your mid-year blues.

Live like a royal

Live your life king size in Rajasthan for your September vacay. Explore the land of kings with elephant and camelback rides, magnificent palaces, royal Rajasthani food. If you’re interested, you can even attend The Janmashtami celebration; the festivities are worth not missing.

Party like there’s no tomorrow

Thailand is literally synonymous with part-aaaaay! You can go pub crawling or party by the beach; think Full moon parties! And if you feel your adventurous instincts kicking in, go hot air ballooning, kayaking, scuba diving and more!

Relive those history lessons

For the September long weekend enter into a land straight outta your history textbook. Wander around in Cairo, take a selfie with the Sphinx, and explore the pyramids, and who knows you might just find ‘The Mummy’ looking for you.

Follow the foodie trails

Singapore takes care of all your foodie cravings. From Michelin-starred street food, yes, Michelin-starred street food, to Michelin-starred restaurants, you will find yourself drooling over Chinese, Malay, Indian, Indonesian food. The list of cuisines is endless!

Test your extremes

This year challenge yourself to do things you never thought you would do! An adventurous escape to a land with breathtaking landscapes to test your limits. New Zealand is the unofficial the adventure capital of the world. Take your pick from skydiving, bungee, jet boating, zip lining, rafting and more.

Bid 2018 an adieu in style

What’s a year without Goa in it? End your year on a ‘high’ note and head straight to Goa! Party all day – straight from dawn to dusk and then dusk to dawn. Need we say more?

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